Of the United States and World Save Nature please save Earth.

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World protesters to stop mining oil, gas, coal and more.
The Americans repeatedly declared the support of ecologists in the struggle against the extraction of coal, oil, gas, iron ore, salt, soil, sand, salt and much more. Opponents of the drilling and production of oil and gas around the world hoping to attract protesters from around the world to block the extraction of oil, gas, coal, ores, soil, sand, salt and more. World happy new year and new hopes for Peace in the World. Of the England, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, USA and World: Save Nature, please save Earth. Earthquakes, causes extraction of oil, gas, coal, iron ore, salt and more. Conservationists held a series of protest actions against the extraction of oil and gas. Residents from different parts of the world I urge all people to forever stop the extraction of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal . ore, oil, gas, and more: let's save the World from global environmental disaster. In the world of all diseases and cancer in particular related to from oil, gas, coal, landfill, sewage network and the whole industrialization and urbanization: It carries all the poisoning and destruction of the habitat of all living things in the world. Many countries in the world for the first time in many years, was severely damaged by hurricanes. Environmental disaster from urbanization and industrialization: global climate change around the world increases the risk of environmental disasters. Droughts, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis – all becomes more and more intense. The protection of nature in Russia, USA and all over the world: this is something that should engage everyone. People from international environmental organizations gathered for a rally in protest against mining coal, ore, oil, gas, soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt and more. It is not too late for all of us and for all the world to recover to stop production of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore, oil, gas and more. Mining salt, coal, oil and gas brings us poverty, disease and death. Tears and pain nivchem innocent - all living things in the world, it is impossible to live on, otherwise all life will perish from human activities. Mother - Earth, where the world we live in. Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, springs, forests, meadows, flora and fauna adorn the Planet. World to save natur: Help save mother Earth. The effects of extraction of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal, ore, oil, gas and so on. On the face: the climate changed for the worse, shallowed and dried up rivers and lakes in different parts of the world, the melting of icebergs and the Arctic ocean, earthquakes, hurricanes, acid rain, and snow disfigured and poisoned the land, air and water, various diseases. All living things in the world breathe polluted air, drink the same poisoned water. We are all sick suffer and die painfully slow. Rid of all misery and destruction, for this we need the entire world once and for all to stop the extraction of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal, ore, oil, gas and so on. Life in the world is one, it is mother Earth that created us and other animals and plants. And we all the world should live according to the laws of mother nature, so we can get rid of all disease, suffering, and destruction. From mining salt, coal, ore, oil gas and so on: the Glaciers are melting and climate is changing at a rapid pace. We must preserve from environmental disasters. Environmental pollution and the worst environmental disasters in the world are caused by man. We are a child of Nature and we depend on mother Earth, it is better to start taking care of mother Nature. I think you, like me, you live for the sake of peace and for the salvation of mother Earth. I ask you, spread, please, my appeal, which is expressed with a heavy heart and with tears in eyes, because through the fault of mankind crumbling Earth and all living things die around the world. I appeal to all mankind, to the whole world to stop and imagine the scene that floods or drought. Then all will end, so it is urgent to stop the extraction of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore, oil, gas, and more. Man destroys all living things in the world: Urbanization and industrialization are dangerous to all living things in the world. Chemical hazardous substances deadly to all living things in the world. World production of oil, gas, coal, salt and so on are dangerous for the environment. There are serious problems of environmental pollution in all countries of the world, this occurs when cities, factories, transportation, sanitation, landfill and so on, pollute the air, water and land. Harmful substances are mixed, and the mixture is distributed worldwide in the wind and fall back to earth. Coal, oil and gas brings us poverty, disease and death. Global industrialization and urbanization has led to global climate change for the worst in the world. To recover and permanently terminate mining of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore, oil, gas and more. So we can prevent global environmental catastrophe. Between us and other animals plants, there is no difference - we are all children of the Earth and we are all one family. We all the world should live according to the laws of mother Nature and save mother Earth from ecological disaster. Pollution (Land, Air and Water Pollution) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP3pbh_-pu8&sns=tw. Exxon Valdez oil spill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtF-4JvSh8o&sns=tw. Nature can to get rid of all ills, misfortune and razrusheny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUwnn99YOC0&sns=tw. Profit Pollution and Deception BP and the Oil Spill BBC Documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zGFvzMMO9w&sns=tw. Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs & Pepper Spray http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuZcx2zEo4k&sns=tw. Environmental problems of the Earth! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pe-KV6J-uE&sns=fb. Tar Sands Oil Extraction - The Dirty Truth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkwoRivP17A&sns=tw

Я живу ради Мира и за спасение матушки - Земли. Я думаю, что Вы, так же как Я, живете ради Мира и за спасение матушки - Земли. Я очень прошу вас, распространите, пожалуйста, моё обращение, который высказываю с болью в сердце и со слезами на глазах за Мир.

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